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The bellhop hotel offers temporary homes to a new breed of travelers, who are conscious about their impact on the planet and the communities they visit. We bring together cultured explorers and inquisitive locals, who share their stories in an open and inclusive environment. Located in the Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam’s most famous street, we satisfy your urge to explore the city by day and your need to retreat and recharge at night.

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We serve you and our environment. Our hotel attracts people who manage to balance the playfulness of living in the now with the maturity of caring about our future. We are colorful cosmopolitan characters who love the spontaneity of an uncharted journey.

La Tapadera
The Spanish go-to bistro

La Tapadera is open from Wednesday to Sunday and serves the best authentic Spanish Tapas in town. At lunchtime you'll find a delicious variation of Spanish sandwiches, bocadillos, with chorizo and cheese, a cubanito and cocas, an open sandwich with a choice of meat, fish or veggy.


In the evening, this restaurant is a feast for the tapas lover as typical Spanish tapas, patatas bravas, boquerones, gamba's and pollo al ajillo are well-matched with nice wines, tinto de verano or the typical Spanish kalimotxo, highly recommended on hot summer days.


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Genuine Spanish flavours

La Tapadera is a Spanish bistro inspired by the Hispanic streetlife and beloved taberna.

All-round chef Gabriela Nicholls brings the best variety of products directly from the Nothern coast of Spain to the heart of Rotterdam.

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Our rooms combine comfort and convenience with smart high-end design, in an optimally utilized space. The tatami style cork and bamboo alcoves, custom fitted to the light and airy design of the rooms, turn our classic inner-city building into an oasis of tranquility. The room quite literally wraps itself around you like a comfy blanket, creating your own peaceful nook in the city.

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Rather than attaching themselves to things or places, our guests value the interactions and experiences with the communities they visit. By following their insatiable travel spirits, they do more than just visit the typical touristic highlights. And Rotterdam is the perfect city for that. Immerse yourself in the local lifestyle and get an understanding of how Rotterdammers do life. Let go of your inhibitions and take in your surroundings. Hook up with one of our bellhops and get to know all the nitty-gritty details of our exciting city.